Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog #2

As if I didn’t love keeping up one blog enough, now I’ve got two. Thankfully this second one is a shared effort with my technologically minded husband, so I don’t have to tend to 100% of it. He’s also trying to get me to pair down a little content…I’m working on it.

This blog was designed by the powerhouse duo of Rob and Audrey Morrison. She’s the artsy design genius and he’s the HTML writing technical brain. Together they created for us exactly something that we dreamed of, but never could imagine it could be that awesome.  

So folks, here’s the link to our personal adoption blog, Bring Yiyi Home.

We’ve got gems in there such as –
More information about Yiyi
A video with Brian and I when I am just about mute until I correct him with an incorrect fact

We’ve also got a lot more video clips from friends and family coming over the next few weeks.

For heaven sake, don’t ask me one question about it because chances are good that I don’t know the answer. It’s on Wordpress and this is on Blogger and I do not deal well with changes in technology. But it’s so way cute that it’s totally worth it! We love it and I hope you will too.

Our goal is to keep Bring Yiyi Home while we get ready to travel and as we’re gone with the little updates that everyone loves to hear. Look forward to it being filled with foibles of travel tales gone wrong, an accurate accounting times Brian proves victorious on meals at McDonalds, my feelings about giving a 10-year-old who has already had all her immunizations an entirely new round of immunizations five minutes before we get on a plane to return home (because yes, if she has whooping cough, that immunization will have most certainly taken effect already), Yiyi’s first reactions to her strange and new parents, and how my frugality continues even in China.

I will still continue to maintain this blog as my more professional venture, but I'm sure I'll be taking a break around the new year when we travel. And then I'll have all this wisdom to share. Seriously, I don't really believe that statement, but it sure makes me feel better to think that's true! 

Join us as we get to know our new daughter and become first-time parents to a 10-year-old.  It should be good!

That’s the news and thanks for stopping by.       

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