Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Sweet blog followers - our time is near. As we are getting ready to travel to China on Friday for our adoption, our hearts are heavy with possible sad news surrounding a closure of adoptions in Ethiopia. I almost feel guilty being excited and getting on that plane on Friday with the news that fills Ethiopia adoption supporters hearts this morning. Let's ban together in prayer and good thoughts that adoptions can prevail in Ethiopia. 

While it shouldn't be the first choice...

Always - children need to grow up in a loving family. 

Sometimes - adoption is the option, whether in their country of origin or abroad.

Never - should we eliminate the possibility for that to happen. 

We're getting on a plane on Friday to adopt a 10-year-old. We're taking her away from her culture and everything she knows. We are disrupting everything normal in her life. I do not believe should have been the first choice, but I do believe it is currently the best choice.  

Bless you all - orphan children of Ethiopia, families who are contemplating adoption from Ethiopia, families in process of adoption from Ethiopia, families who are already home and have to explain this to their sweet children adopted from Ethiopia and more. 

And please follow us along now, in our last days and hours of prep, as we travel to China January 6 - 17. 

Please note that comments on this blog are now moderated. This blog got flagged on some Negative Nancy website for people against adoption (which was free press, so actually, thanks!) but I thought it best to moderate the comments. If you see a delay in your comments, its just because we're traveling, but I promise I will get them approved. 

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